CPR and First Aid Instruction and Certification in the Ottawa Region
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Important Notice:
Beware of fraudulent CPR companies selling invalid certifications in the Ottawa area. CPR Saves Lives is fully accredited by The Canadian Lifesaving Society. We will gladly provide clear proof of our certification prior to the beginning of a course.
CPR Saves Lives

CPR Saves Lives

CPR Saves Lives is affiliated with
The Canadian Lifesaving Society

Every person should learn CPR. You never know what may happen to a family member, friend, or even a stranger on the street that will put you into a situation where you may have to save their life. One day, there may come a time when you will be put into that situation– perhaps you’ve already noticed the risk that you, or your loved ones are at. However, CPR and First Aid courses can be tiring and straining– even for younger individuals. Moreover, many people don’t want to be certified in first aid and CPR– they just want to learn the techniques necessary to provide first aid or CPR when or if, they should ever be put into that situation.

 CPR Saves Lives is committed to teaching individuals of all ages and ability levels their choice of a 4-6-hour CPR class; a 16 hour full certification of Standard First Aid and CPR "C"; or an 8-hour recertification of Standard First Aid and CPR "C". Emergency First Aid and CPR "B" is also available, with a course running time of 7 hours. 

With CPR Saves Lives, you will be taught first aid and CPR by certified First Aid Instructors and Examiners in the privacy of your own home, school, or place of work. These courses are adapted to suit your needs and abilities so that absolutely anyone who wants to learn how to save a life can do so. Course times can be divided up at your own discretion to allow extra time for rest or to rejuvinate, as many courses can be tiring. All passing participants will be certified by The Lifesaving Society.

Knowing CPR, and delivering CPR as quickly as possible greatly improves the victim's chances of surviving. That next victim could be a friend, or a family member. An ambulance may take a few minutes to arrive after an accident, or after you discover your loved one has stopped breathing- if those few minutes are spent doing CPR, it could save their life.

What exactly is CPR?

CPR stands for Cardiopulmonary Rescucitation. It helps the heart pump blood to all the organs, brain, and limbs through compressions, and it provides oxygen to the victim through artificial respiration- or "mouth-to-mouth".  It drastically improves a non-breathing victim's chances of surviving prior to emergency medical services arriving.

Want to know how learning CPR or first aid can help save a life?

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Know Your Own Heart Attack

Note: This is a British video. Should you have any signs of a heart attack, do not call 999. Call 911 for all emergencies!

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